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This is a non-profit site dedicated to the beauty of incense burners.
The incense burners are sorted in two main categories : ANTIQUES and PRESENT.
Enjoy also the 'Artwork' section with paintings, scuptures displaying incense burners. ------->

The 'Antique' incense burners are now located in museums or own by individuals.
The 'Present' incense burners are usually commercialy available and the shop selling the item may be indicated.

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Origin: Japan   Incense: Stick   Shape: Pot   Material: Porcelain
Period: early 20th   Location: Private
Description: Satsuma porcelain, measures approx. 2 1/2 inches tall and the opening is 1 1/2 inches in diameter, incense sticks are stuck in the sand
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Porcelain
Period: early 20th   Location: Private
Description: Brule parfum en Satsuma. H=L=10cms
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Bowl   Material: Porcelain
Period: 1700   
Description: Imari porcelain incense burner with geometric design, underglaze blue, 3 very small petty feet. size: max.dia. 5.2 cm height 4.2 cm. date: 1690-1710(estimated)
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Porcelain
Period: 1950   
Description: It was made about twenty years ago by one of the Nitten’s top potters-Shizuto Teraike(1933-). Very much in Tomomoto’s hakuji style, this koro stands on three feet and has six relief nodes on the upper shoulder. 9.1cm.tall and 10.8cm.across- signed in cobalt blue on the base
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Vegetal : Pumpkin   Material: Ceramic
Period: pre 2000   
Description: Hagi Kiku Incense Burner- Sakata Deika Kiln. The hakogaki(signed box) here says, Hagi Kiku Koro, Deika-gama zo or A Chrysanthemum Hagi Incense Burner by the Deika kiln. Designed and supervised by Deika, this piece was made by his apprentice(possibly his son, the next Deika or an unknown master craftsman) and has a delightful light tangerine colored glaze over very refined clay. The lid has openwork in festive circular patterns. Quite sturdy resting on three small feet. The shape and color also resemble a pumpkin. Stamped on bottom Deika-gama.
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Bowl   
Location: Suntory Museum of Art
Description: Incense burner with design of Buddhist implements in overglaze enamels
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Vegetal : Pumpkin   Material: Lacquer
Location: Suntory Museum of Art
Description: Melon-shaped incense burner with design of autumn grasses in maki-e.
Maki-e is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder as a decoration using a makizutsu or a kebo brush.
(see also items #549 and #596)
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Animal : Elephant   Material: Bronze
Period: 19th   
Description: Bronze Koro 19 1/4”, Elephant and Sanjunoto, silver inlay
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Period: 1900   Location: Jcollector
Description: Elaborate Japanese bronze koro or incense burner, c. 1900. Highly detailed rendering of two dynamic foo-dogs on the side panels and one sitting regally on top. Exquisite braided handles. Cleverly stamped on the underside. Dimensions: 10” high, 4.5” wide, 4” deep.
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Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Iron
Period: 19th   Location: Robyn Buntin
Description: This is an iron incense burner with tripod feet. The top is inlaid with a silver design of one of the chapter symbols from the Tale of Genji. There is also a cutout design of rising smoke on the lid where the incense smoke is released. Size: 5” diameter x 3.75” tall
Item # 10
Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot : Dog   Material: Porcelain
Period: early 20th   Location: Private
Description: Old hexagonal incense burner in satsuma, with different hand painted human characters on each face, enamelled and gilded with fine gold. The lid is surmounted by a dog gilded with fine gold. Stamp in lower part. Sumptuous colors and extreme smoothness in the decoration. Height: 15cm. Length and width: 11cm. Width of a face: 5,5cm.
Item # 11   
Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot : Dog   Material: Porcelain
Period: early 20th   Location: Private
Description: Old incense burner in satsuma, with hand painted human characters, enamelled and gilded with fine gold. The incense burner is on three feet, The two handles are decorated with a dog's head and its openwork lid has a dog on the top. Stamp in lower part. Sumptuous colors and extreme smoothness in the decoration. Height: 15cm. Length: 13cm. Width: 11cm.
Item # 12   
Origin: Japan   Shape: Bowl : Eagle   Material: Bronze
Period: 1870   Location: Kahlili Collection
Description: This massive bronze koro and cover featuring a large eagle as its finial is designed as a bowl supported by 3 muscular demons standing on a rockwork base. Size 280 x 130 cm. Signed Kako, the art-name of Suzuki Chokichi (1848-1919)
Item # 13
Origin: Japan   Shape: Urn   Material: Bronze
Period: 19th   Location: TinnyFisher’s Antiques, Mountain View, HI
Description: A 19th century bronze center piece or type of incense burner. Made up of three individual pieces, and covered with birds, flowers and other images, it is done in a classic incense burner style with added ornatmentation. It stands 10 3/4” high, 6 1/2” at the widest. The base is a wide ring with figures between the OG curved legs of the ornate stand attached to the base. The legs have lotus leaves embossed on the knees. The base holds a lotus blossom cup, inside of the cup rest the bowl of the burner with dragon handles and embossed arrangment of flowers, vines, braches, leaves and birds.
Item # 14
Origin: Japan   Shape: Building   Material: Bronze
Period: Pre 1920   Location: The Kura
Description: Hut shaped bronze incense holder with removable roof dating to the first part of the 20th century. Vents in the roof and two windows allow the smoke to escape. The miniature building is propped up on four realistic posts and punctured by a round latticed window on one side, a large square window on the other. The entire piece is given a mud wall like texture. The thatched roof is peaked with a bundle of three logs cast separately from the main body. There is one pinhole in the bronze just below the circular window. The house measures 4 inches (10cm) wide, 3-1/2 inches (9cm) deep, 3-1/2 inches,(9cm) tall.
Item # 15
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