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Origin: UK   Incense: Oil   Shape: Bowl   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Adventure in Arabia
Description: Ornate brass round incense burner: 4¾" tall with lid 250 grams in weight
Item # 64

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma Lamp   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   
Description: ZEN brule parfum metal
Item # 106

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma Lamp   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   Location: Dufailly
Item # 107

Origin: The Netherlands   Shape: Bowl : Dragon   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Art from the Heart
Description: This ceramic insence burner ( 37 cms) was designed by Rosita Linda Reeberg
Item # 141

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma lamp   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Artistes Associes de la Decoration
Description: Ceramic Insence burner, h 12 cm. Hand decorated.
Item # 146

Origin: France   Incense: Cone   Shape: Lamp-stand   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Faiencerie Malicorne
Description: Pied de lampe brule-parfum, ajourage croisillons
Item # 167

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Building   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   
Description: Maison pendule brule parfum. Ref : 4032
Item # 168

Origin: Germany   Shape: Human   Material: Wood
Period: 2000   Location: GermanMart
Description: Hand made traditional German wooden craft, incense burning figurine: violin maker, height: 17cm./6.69 inch, color: natural.
Item # 180

Origin: France   Incense: Stick   Shape: Urn   Material: Iron
Period: 1900   Location: [outdoor] Hong Hien pagoda of Frejus   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Built in 1917 by vietnamese soldiers coming to France to fight along with french soldiers during World War I, the ancient pagoda was served not only as spiritual refuge for that vietnamese community living far from homeland, but also a place of workship in memory of their comrades killed in the battlefield.
Item # 243

Origin: France   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma Lamp   Material: Porcelain
Location: Nature et découvertes
Description: Burner made of fine white porcelain. Height: 14cm, Width: 6cm
Item # 256

Origin: UK   Shape: Egg   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: The Holistic Shop
Description: The top half of the "egg" is detachable, revealing a pierced base for holding incense sticks and dhoop. The egg also happily accommodates incense cones, logs and even coils, which sit snugly in the base of the egg. Height 5 inches (13 cm), diameter 3.5 inches (9 cm)
Item # 274 contact :

Origin: Greece   Incense: Oil   Shape: Egg   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Village of Bali, Crete   (photo by: JJD)
Description: This incense burner is into an altar located in the village of Bali, Crete.
Item # 291   

Origin: Greece   Incense: Oil   Shape: Pod   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   Location: Village of Bali, Crete.   (photo by: JJD)
Description: This incense burner is into an altar located near the village of Bali, Crete.
Item # 292   

Origin: Greece   Shape: Censer   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   Location: Governeto Monastery, Crete, Greece   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Big censer (50 cm high) hanging in the curch of the Governeto Monastery, Crete, Greece
Item # 293   

Origin: UK   Incense: Stick   Shape: Ashcatcher : Elephant   Material: Soapstone
Period: 2000   Location: GrowHigh
Description: This incense holder is made from soap stone.
Item # 336

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 Theme of the month : MongoliaDuring a trip to Mongolia, I took some incense burner pictures in various locations (temples, museums, yurts...)
Very often represented on mongolian incense burners are the eight auspicious symbols (naimin takhel) that are associated with the gifts given to Buddha: the white conch shell, the precious umbrella, the victory banner, the two golden fishes, the Dharma wheel (eight-spoked golden wheel), the Auspicious drawing (knot of eternity), the lotus flower and the treasure vase
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