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Origin: China   Shape: Pot   Material: Jade
Period: Qing Dynasty, 19th   
Description: Green Jade
Item # 19

Origin: China   Shape: Pot   Material: Jade
Location: Hodgson Memorial Library at Bryant College Rhode, Island
Description: Jade Incense Burner with Base (Triple Carved) Covered with Rings
Item # 22

Origin: Brazil   Incense: Stick   Material: Agate
Period: 2000   
Description: Blue agate stone incense burner
Item # 98

Shape: Mythology : Dragon   Material: Fluorite
Period: 2000   Location: Art of Stone
Description: Fluorite incense burner with open work lid, dragon finial, dragon handles with loose rings
Item # 129

Origin: China   Shape: Pot   Material: Jade
Location: Nautilus Imports & Exports
Description: Jade antique trove. H x W x D: 5.9" x5.5" x3.7"
Item # 144

Origin: China   Shape: 2 tiers   Material: Jade
Period: 1952   Location: The private collector
Description: Insence Burner - Carved From Jade
Item # 145

Origin: China   Shape: Pot : Dragon   Material: Jade
Period: 18 th   Location: Piasa
Description: White jade Incense Burner; The two handles are decorated with a dragon's head. Height: 10,5 cm, Width: 16 cm.
Item # 465

Origin: China   Shape: Ding   Material: Jade
Period: Qianlong dynasty (18 th)   Location: Piasa
Description: Green jade incense burner, with dragon engravings. Width : 13,7 cm ; Height : 15,5 cm.
Item # 468

Origin: China   Shape: Pot : Monkey   Material: Jade
Location: Private ()
Description: Vintage Chinese Jade Lion Longevity Incense Burner: circa 9x7.5cm. On the surface of it carved the lion head and monkey on lid.
Item # 485   

Origin: China   Shape: Bowl   Material: Jade
Period: Ching Dynasty (1736-1796)   Location: Private (Peter Burke)
Description: Chinese green jade incense burner, from the Ching dynasty.
Item # 579   

Origin: China   Shape: Pot   Material: Jade
Location: Noble House Collection
Description: Nicely carved white jade incense burner, China.
Item # 605   

Origin: China   Shape: Pot   Material: Jade
Location: Noble House Collection
Description: Nicely carved white jade incense burner, China.
Item # 606   

Origin: China   Shape: Urn   Material: Jade
Period: 1900   Location: Private (Patricia Loegering)
Description: This burner is slightly over 22 inches tall and in two pieces. It may be made at the turn of the century.
Item # 677   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Pot   Material: Jade
Location: Private (Frank Sposeto )
Description: Green jade carved incense burner.
For many Chinese, Jade possessed magical powers used to bring good luck, protect from misfortune and ward off evil omens. For scholars and the wealthy, it represented superior virtues, a respect for antiquity, and signified social status within society.
Item # 680   

Origin: China   Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Jade
Location: Private (Frank Murphy)
Description: Green Jade incense burner, 7 3/4" high including wood base.
Item # 704   

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 Theme of the month : MongoliaDuring a trip to Mongolia, I took some incense burner pictures in various locations (temples, museums, yurts...)
Very often represented on mongolian incense burners are the eight auspicious symbols (naimin takhel) that are associated with the gifts given to Buddha: the white conch shell, the precious umbrella, the victory banner, the two golden fishes, the Dharma wheel (eight-spoked golden wheel), the Auspicious drawing (knot of eternity), the lotus flower and the treasure vase
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