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Origin: Turkey   Shape: Pod   Material: Silver
Location: Usak Museum
Description: The broad shallow cup has a rounded shoulder and a plain vertical rim. It is soldered to the top of a tall pedestal which flares, at first gently and then sharply, to a splayed base. The conical cover is composed of ten stepped tiers, the lowest of which fits over the rim of the cup. Cut out of the central eight tiers are arrow shaped slots to allow the smoke of the incense to escape. Height of stand 1 7.9 cm. height of cover 1 0.9 cm, diameter of cover 6.3 cm, total weight 221.48 gr.
Item # 42

Origin: Cyprus   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: Byzantine   Location: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus
Description: Silver incense-burner for ecclesiastical use with incised and relief decoration. The suspension chains are missing. Height 19 cm. Maximum width 9.4 cm
Item # 46

Origin: India   Shape: Necklace   Material: Gold
Period: 1820   
Description: Ceremonial temple necklace with twenty Rudraksh beads dating from 1820-1840. The necklace is approximately 61.0cm long with a temple medallion 8.7cm high and 9.3cm wide. Hanging below the temple is a two-piece incense burner 11.5cm high and 8.2cm wide decorated with 34 ruby cabochons and one diamond
Item # 57

Origin: America   Incense: Cone   Shape: Bowl   Material: Silver
Period: 2000   
Description: Silverplated Incense burner with Lid (approx 8")
Item # 105

Incense: Stick   Shape: Mythology : Sphinx   Material: Gold
Period: 2000   Location: african images
Description: The golden sphinx is the figure-head of this Egyptian inspired incense burner. 11 1/2" X 1 1/2" X 3" high
Item # 140

Origin: USA   Shape: Sphere : Tao   Material: Silver
Period: 1890   Location: R and P Kassai
Description: Silver burner made in USA circa 1890. It is fashioned in an Egyptian motif. It measures 1.6" in diameter at the mouth and hangs 7.75" long
Item # 209

Origin: Saudi Arabia   Shape: Pot   Material: Silver
Location: Private (Monika)
Description: The burner stands 12 inches high and made of silver.
Item # 247   

Origin: China   Shape: Sphere : Dragon   Material: Silver
Location: Private (Jim Donohue)
Description: The base and lid are stamped in script form chinese. reffering to "tai shan", sacred mountain near beijing. it has a height of 2 3/8"
Item # 253   

Origin: China   Shape: Bowl   Material: Silver
Period: 17th   Location: Anavian gallery
Description: Unusual chinese 3 footed silver incense burner with the word Allah in caligraphy on either side. height 2" (5 cm).
Item # 263

Origin: Japan   Shape: Animal : Eagle   Material: Silver
Period: Meiji, 1900   Location: Private ()
Description: The silver eagle is inlaid with gold at several points. The object would have been made in Japan—probably as a "very, very important piece"— sometime during the Meiji period, between 1868 and 1911.
Item # 264

Origin: Greece   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: 19 th   Location: Arkadi Monastery, Crete, Greece   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Censer displayed in the Arkadi Monastery museum, Crete, Greece.
30 cm high.
Item # 289   

Origin: Greece   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: 19 th   Location: Arkadi Monastery, Crete, Greece   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Censer displayed in the Arkadi Monastery museum, Crete, Greece.
30 cm high.
Item # 290   

Origin: China   Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Silver
Location: Private (Tania Huntley)
Description: Silver Incense Burner with foo dog on the top
Item # 296 

Origin: Peru   Shape: Animal : Armadillo   Material: Silver
Period: 19th   Location: San Antonio Museum of Art
Description: This elegant sahumador (incense burner), 9" x 14" x 5", is an excellent example of fine Peruvian silverwork of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. With objects such as this, upper-class Peruvian families sweetened the atmosphere of their homes and haciendas. Incense burners were also fashioned in the shapes of turkeys and other indigenous animals.
Item # 303

Origin: Russia   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: 1622   Location: Novgorod State Museum of History, Architecture and Arts.
Description: This seven dome-shaped incense burner came into the museum in around 1930 from the vestry of St. Antony's monastery. Small, shingled, onion-shaped domes are affixed on the high slim drums with arrow-shaped windows. It has annulated chains which are fixed to the body's bowls through the double tags.
Item # 307

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 Theme of the month : MongoliaDuring a trip to Mongolia, I took some incense burner pictures in various locations (temples, museums, yurts...)
Very often represented on mongolian incense burners are the eight auspicious symbols (naimin takhel) that are associated with the gifts given to Buddha: the white conch shell, the precious umbrella, the victory banner, the two golden fishes, the Dharma wheel (eight-spoked golden wheel), the Auspicious drawing (knot of eternity), the lotus flower and the treasure vase
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