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Origin: Cyprus   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: Byzantine   Location: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus
Description: Silver incense-burner for ecclesiastical use with incised and relief decoration. The suspension chains are missing. Height 19 cm. Maximum width 9.4 cm
Item # 46

Origin: USA   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   
Description: Hanging Brass Cone Incense Burner
Item # 65

Origin: USA   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Incense Central
Description: Resin or Cone Hanging Censer 8" H
Item # 66

Origin: America   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Original Magick Designs
Description: Brass Hanging Burner. 5" high
Item # 67

Origin: Greece   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: 19 th   Location: Arkadi Monastery, Crete, Greece   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Censer displayed in the Arkadi Monastery museum, Crete, Greece.
30 cm high.
Item # 289   

Origin: Greece   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: 19 th   Location: Arkadi Monastery, Crete, Greece   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Censer displayed in the Arkadi Monastery museum, Crete, Greece.
30 cm high.
Item # 290   

Origin: Greece   Shape: Censer   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   Location: Governeto Monastery, Crete, Greece   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Big censer (50 cm high) hanging in the curch of the Governeto Monastery, Crete, Greece
Item # 293   

Origin: Russia   Shape: Censer   Material: Silver
Period: 1622   Location: Novgorod State Museum of History, Architecture and Arts.
Description: This seven dome-shaped incense burner came into the museum in around 1930 from the vestry of St. Antony's monastery. Small, shingled, onion-shaped domes are affixed on the high slim drums with arrow-shaped windows. It has annulated chains which are fixed to the body's bowls through the double tags.
Item # 307

Origin: Germany   Shape: Censer   Material: Metal
Period: 18 th   
Item # 320   

Origin: USA   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Jim Wrocklage)
Description: Incense burner purchased at a catholic church yard sale 27 years ago. It stands 10 1/2 inches tall. Included is an incense holder with a spoon.
Item # 433   

Origin: USA   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Period: 1920   Location: Private (Jeffry D Meng)
Description: This incense burner is 4-1/2" wide and 12" tall not including the chains giving it over 85" in total length. It is made of brass plated brass and could be from the first half of the 20th century. The four 42" chains terminate at a cast fitting that holds a ring connected to a 5th chain. Pulling the ring lifts the cover. A 6th chain about 40" long connects to the ceiling.
Item # 473   

Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Colin Stewart)
Description: Brass censer
Item # 480   

Origin: India   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Period: 2000   Location: Private (Rus Lake)
Description: This is a brass censer from India. It has 3 sets of three-quatrefoil perforations around the body, with three-quatrefoils spaced around the lid. Suspended by three chains, the body and lid measure 6 inches in length.
Item # 521   

Origin: Spain   Shape: Censer   Material: Brass
Period: 1851   Location: Santiago de Compostela Cathedral   (photo by: Ron Graybill)
Description: The Botafumeiro is a famous thurible found in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Incense is burned in this swinging metal container, or "incensory". The name "Botafumeiro" means "smoke expeller" in Galician. It is made of an alloy of brass and bronze and is plated by a very thin 20 micrometre layer of silver. The current Botafumeiro was created by the gold and silversmith Josť Losada in 1851. It is one of the largest censers in the world, weighing 80 kg and measuring 1.60 m in height.
Item # 623

Origin: Europe   Shape: Censer   Material: Glass
Location: Private (Ronnie Grove)
Description: Spherical incense burner brought over from Greece in 1912. The globe is made of glass with hand painted fruit. The chains and base are made of brass.
Item # 642   

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 Theme of the month : MongoliaDuring a trip to Mongolia, I took some incense burner pictures in various locations (temples, museums, yurts...)
Very often represented on mongolian incense burners are the eight auspicious symbols (naimin takhel) that are associated with the gifts given to Buddha: the white conch shell, the precious umbrella, the victory banner, the two golden fishes, the Dharma wheel (eight-spoked golden wheel), the Auspicious drawing (knot of eternity), the lotus flower and the treasure vase
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