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Origin: Oriental   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Location: Stewart and Smith Collectibles, Medford, OR
Description: The patina on the body is just gorgeous, and there is a scene with water & rocks on one side, and water on the other. The little bird sits atop her nest of sticks, which forms the lid of the burner. Measures 3 1/2" wide, and 3 3/4" to the top of the birds head.
Item # 47

Shape: Animal : Chicken   Material: Copper
Location: Private (Hope and Mark Chudy)
Description: The overall height is 4Ē (10.2 cm); overall width is 5-1/8Ē (13 cm) at the widest
Item # 214   

Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Soapstone
Location: Private (Chris Hook)
Description: I think it is soapstone and is missing two handles maybe they were metal or wood? It is about 7 inches high and has a small chip on the liondog`s tail.
Item # 215   

Shape: Box : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Iron
Location: Private (Rhonda)
Description: Thin metal pieces attached to the lid perhaps to hang up the incense (spiral ?) There is a drawer perhaps to store the incense.
Item # 216   

Shape: Oil Lamp : Human   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Vincent Evans)
Description: On the stand is a young boy in what seems to be period clothing wearing what looks like burning coals on his head. Above this is the oil lamp with 3 spouts.It has a tall bulbous lid. On top of this is a triangular plate supporting a bucket,a bell and what could be a talon,each on a chain. Above this is what i believe to be a waft plate. Finally, there is the handle. The Oil Lamp is 38cm in height and can be dismantled easily for cleaning.
Item # 217   

Origin: India   Shape: Animal : Lion   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Gaynor & Ross Evans)
Description: The lion measurements are approx lenght 11.5cm by 12.9cm high and width 5.0cm. May be from Southern India Visagapatam
Item # 218   

Shape: Animal : Peacock   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Kristi Doll)
Description: This antique bronze peacock incense burner stands 12 inches tall, and the back of the peacock has a helmet like back that fits perfectly on. It is hand painted and has extrodinary detail
Item # 219   

Shape: Multi-Part : Peacock   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Jo Drake)
Description: I picked this up locally and do not know if it is a burner. (I thought it could be used to burn incense cones). The central peacock screws open allowing each of the six surrounding peacock lids to open. Itís very dirty and I donít know if I can clean it. I think it may have been in water at some time. Weight: 726 gms. Size: 5" (125 mm) diameter, 3.5" (90 mm) high
Item # 220   

Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Tony)
Description: The approximate dimensions are: Height to top of lid 170mm; Max. width of bowl 63mm. (inline with handles). Min. width of bowl 60mm (90deg to handles). Depth of bowl (without top or legs) 79mm. Width across handles 90mm.
Item # 221   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Pipe   Material: Brass
Location: Private (SAM)
Description: Ceremonial (?) incense burner
made of brass but the patina is probably painted. Not aged. The dimensions are 50 cm x 18 cm
see items# 284, 335, 833 for reference
Item # 222   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Tracy Simituk)
Description: There is a light green patina over Burner, it measure approx. 5 1/2 inches in height by 4 inches in width. It burns cones or sticks.
Item # 223   

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Cart : Horse   Material: Metal
Location: Private (Carol Moore)
Description: Carriage drawn by 2 horses, made of some kind of metal, maybe pot metal, looks to be silver plated, very shiny silver color. 6.5" long, 6" high, Has peacock over each wheel, peacock on seat, & one on top of a hinged lid on a shallow bowl. Bowl is 2.5"across, 1" deepest part, heavy for it`s size 1.5-2# No markings at all. No other pieces with it.
Item # 224   

Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Porcelain
Location: Private (Julie V. Yap)
Description: This (Japanese ?) burner is about 2 inches high without the lid, 3 1/4 inches with the lid, approximately 10 1/2 inches around at the widest point.
Item # 225   

Origin: Morocco   Shape: Column   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Sean Ilnseher)
Description: This (Moroccan ?) incense burner is about 5 foot 6 inches tall and made of brass.
Item # 226   

Origin: China   Shape: Animal : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Alejandra Weigle)
Description: This chinese burner has 20 cm. high x 15 cm. wide, it is of bronze.
Item # 227   

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 Theme of the month : MongoliaDuring a trip to Mongolia, I took some incense burner pictures in various locations (temples, museums, yurts...)
Very often represented on mongolian incense burners are the eight auspicious symbols (naimin takhel) that are associated with the gifts given to Buddha: the white conch shell, the precious umbrella, the victory banner, the two golden fishes, the Dharma wheel (eight-spoked golden wheel), the Auspicious drawing (knot of eternity), the lotus flower and the treasure vase
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